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Kai Tai Martial Arts Studio

Kai Tai Martial Arts Studio

KTA offers programs for EVERYONE! The KTA family is made up of fighters, students of the arts, and health minded individuals. Our programs are a functional alternative to the traditional martial arts schools. We are a no nonsense, no ego gym. We strive to be the best both individually and as an organization.

Strong mind, strong body.

In addition to combat arts and self defense, we offer a superior conditioning program to anyone willing to sacrifice themselves to hard work. Whether you are preparing for a fight, battling the bulge or looking to sculpt a beach body there's one thing that we can promise you. Within the walls of Kai Thai you will be exposed to a schedule of activity that will leave you in the best shape of your life. Period.

We are also a growing contributor to the community and active in numerous events in and around Wilson. From Relay to Life to Friday's on the Lawn, it's important to us to raise health awareness and promote general well-being. It's all about giving back. We are not your average gym. We are an active citizen of the community around us and we appreciate those around us.

If you ever want to check out Kai Thai, please do not hesitate to stop by and see us first hand! Please visit our website or contact Kru Bishop Holmes if you have any questions.



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The Kai Thai Academy of Martial Arts, Nash St, Wilson, NC, USA
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