Historic Downtown Wilson is 50 miles from Raleigh NC, four hours from Asheville NC, and two short hours from the eastern coast line. The community is served by Interstate I-95, US-301, I-587, and I-795.

  1. Take Exit 121
  2. Turn right onto Raleigh Road
  3. Turn left on Goldsboro St E
  4. The Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park is ahead on the right.
  1. Take Exit 5 for US-301 toward Wilson
  2. Use the right two lanes to turn right onto US-301
  3. Turn left onto Goldsboro St. S
  1. Take Exit 29 for NC 58 towards Wilson
  2. Turn right onto NC Hwy 58 N
  3. Turn right onto Nash St SE
  4. Turn right onto Goldsboro St E
  1. Take the NC 42 W exit towards Wilson
  2. Continue on Herring Ave E and then on to Goldsboro St E
  1. Head East on I-587 E
  2. Take Exit 22 towards Wilson
  3. Turn right on Downing St and then a slight left onto Goldsboro St S