Additional Grant Opportunities

Wilson County Downtown Redevelopment Incentive Grant

The purpose of this economic incentive policy is to promote infill growth with new commercial, residential, and mixed-use development and major rehabilitation of older buildings with the City of Wilson’s downtown commercial district. This policy shall automatically expire on June 30, 2019

Wilson County D.R.I.G Guidelines

N.C. Department of Commerce Main Street Solutions

The purpose of the fund is to provide maximum support to small businesses in designated micropolitans located in Tier 2 and Tier 3 counties and/or in designated North Carolina Main Street communities. The grants will be used to assist planning agencies and small businesses with efforts to revitalize downtowns by creating jobs, funding infrastructure improvements and rehabilitating buildings.

N.C. Department of Commerce Rural Development Building Reuse

The Building Reuse Program, under the Rural Grants/Programs Section of the North Carolina Department of Commerce, will provide grants to local governments. Three categories of funding are available for 1) the renovation of vacant buildings, 2) the renovation or expansion of a building occupied by an existing North Carolina company wishing to expand in their current location and 3) the renovation, expansion or construction of health care entities that will lead to the creation of new, full-time jobs.

N.C. Department of Commerce Rural Development Downtown Redevelopment

This fund is designed for infrastructure upgrades of downtown buildings in order to meet current code requirements. The upgrades should be for vacant or underutilized downtown commercial buildings. A local government applicant must propose a project in conjunction with a private for profit business that proposes to renovate a vacant and/or underutilized downtown building for commercial or mixed-use development.


For the N.C. Department of Commerce grants, the City of Wilson would be the actual applicant. Thus, the City would have to be willing and able to partner with the building owner and business owner who would be creating full-time jobs, which must be documented with the State quarterly. The City can only have one open award at a time on some of these grants.